An idea born in Brà

Verona, the Adige River, the Arena, the Roman Theater, the Torricelle hill, The land of dreams and of encounter. Verona wine and culture, the city of Romeo and Juliet’s eternal love. Verona ... the Arena, the Lìston and its largest square, the Bra. Verona ... woven from the air of the Valpolicella vineyards and of the Lessini Mountains.

piazza bra

The area

plate Braviol

“It was February 15th 2017, we had lunch in Brà and he reasoned around the idea of realizing the dream that enclosed and characterized strongly the excellence of the Veronese territory, in continuity between past, present and future. It is not unusual in Italy that many stories of xcellence they are born at the table, in the convivium. That day, animated by a gregarious enthusiasm and inebriated by the perfumes of the city, he passed from the idea to the facts “. “.. You are ‘nending the third ciel movete”.
And the “Braviol” was born